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Do you know a Doric column when you see one? Of course. But what about an entablature, a hypostyle, a pylon, or a pagoda? Architectural Details uses beautifully engraved plates from the great works of architectural history to illustrate a show-and-tell journey round the architecture of civilizations east and west, from Ancient Egypt to the Industrial Revolution. Most of the drawings and engravings have been taken from early sources, unparalleled for their elegance and delicacy of line, as well as for the amount of fine detail they offer. Extended captions and annotation supply you with a complete naming of parts which, as well as identifying and defining the correct terminology, will help you to understand how architects have planned and made the buildings of the past, from Amenhotep to Palladio, and Vitruvius to Wren.

About the Author

Emily Cole gained an MA at the Courtauld Institute where she studied Architectural History; she now works for English Heritage.

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ISBN: 9781782401698
ISBN-10: 1782401695
Publisher: Ivy Press
Publication Date: September 15th, 2017
Pages: 352
Language: English