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The Carnival Of Ash (Hardcover)


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An extravagant, lyrical novel about a city of poets and librarians at the height of the Renaissance. A city that never was.

A City of Poets and Dreamers, Liars and Cheats…

Tommaso Cellini, celebrated ruler of Cadenza, is dead, and the city mourns. For Carlo Mazzoni, an aspiring poet, it was the day of his arrival in the City of Words and the end of his dreams to walk side-by-side with the great man, two artists together.

For Vittoria — known to all but a handful as the famed ink maid Hypatia — the death of a ruler is less troubling than her sadness and inability to write. Without it, her admirers will leave her, and with it her livelihood.

With its ruler dead, the city plunges into turmoil amid rumours of war with its rival Venice. Surrounded by murder, intrigue, revenge and revolution, they must rely on new friends and sinister acquaintances to find their paths to freedom.
Tom Beckerlegge grew up in the northwest of England in a house filled with books. Writing as Tom Becker, he won the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize with his debut novel; The Carnival of Ash is his first adult book. He lives in Enfield with his wife and young son.
Product Details ISBN: 9781786185006
ISBN-10: 1786185008
Publisher: Solaris
Publication Date: March 15th, 2022
Pages: 560
Language: English
 "It's a marvellously convincing dystopia" -- Guardian

"A gorgeous, immersive triumph of Renaissance-flavored worldbuilding" -- Publishers Weekly, starred review
— Publishers Weekly

‘Ingenious and intricate’ -- Katherine Addison

“[A] delicate study of the demise of society” -- SciFiNow
— SciFiNow

“Memorable” -- SFX Magazine
— SFX Magazine

“The zest and wit that Beckerlegge infuses into his fantastical Decameron is marvelous” -- Locus
— Locus

“This is a fabulous book” -- The Historical Novels Review, Editor's Choice
— The Historical Novels Review