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The Forbidden Fantasies (Paperback)


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Alexis is a successful interior designer, engaged to the love of her life Darren. Nothing can ever go wrong with them and she dreams of a future ahead of them. However, as Darren's busy schedule begins to pull them apart, she begins to question her love and trust for him. Enter Rafael Monterro, a new partner at work who stirs up buried emotions in Alexis. Is she willing to risk it all for her passion with Rafael or to cling on to a relationship which might as well be dying? About the Author: Toyle is no stranger to vivid thinking and creativity. Her childhood love for reading blossomed into an undying love for fiction, thus making her a passionate author. With her romance novels, she seeks to address everyday issues as individuals face within families, friendships, relationships and themselves, but never at the expense of a topnotch entertainment.Toyle grew up in a small country town of Conway, North Carolina, and currently resides with her family in Raleigh, North Carolina. She always dreamed of being a writer as a child but has spent the past eighteen years holding various positions with the North Carolina State Government.When she is neither writing nor reading, she is probably shopping, decorating or experimenting with new do-it-yourself projects. And if you enjoy travelling, you just might find her on the next plane or cruise ship you board.Follow me on Social MediaInstagram: @authortoyle.
Product Details ISBN: 9781791983529
ISBN-10: 1791983529
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 24th, 2018
Pages: 146
Language: English