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Ennegram for Beginners: Find Your Personality Type for Personal Growth, Relationship, and Spiritual Development Cover Image


Do you know what personality type you are?

Could identifying it help you with your career or lead to a place of greater enlightenment?

Enneagrams are complex models used to determine the human psyche and are associated with modern 20th-century thinking. However, some arguments suggest that a similar idea was prevalent many hundreds of years ago. Today, Enneagrams are used by a wide cross-section of society and go a long way to helping people reveal which of the 9 types they are and then use that information to get the most out of various circumstances.

In this book, you will gain a much better understanding of the Enneagram system, as well as how to utilize it to best effect and discover your own personality type, with chapters that cover:

✓ What the Enneagram is

✓ The processes involved

✓ How to discover your personality type

✓ Instruction on how to use it and get the best from it

✓ A comprehensive look at the 9 personality types

✓ How to use your type

✓ The general and specific practices for each type

✓ Tips on diet, self-care, professional and spiritual development

✓ Further reading for you

✓ And lots more...

If you believe that discovering your personality type could assist you in many different aspects of your working and personal life and could improve your prospects for success and happiness, then this book is the one that will start you on that path.

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ISBN: 9781801565714
ISBN-10: 1801565716
Publisher: Fabiana Rose
Publication Date: March 31st, 2021
Pages: 336
Language: English