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Inspired by Light: A Design Guide to Transforming the Home By Sally Storey Cover Image

Inspired by Light: A Design Guide to Transforming the Home (Hardcover)


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Lighting has undergone a revolution in recent years, with new tools and technologies at our disposal: never before have there been so many options to achieve the transformative effects of light. Yet all too often, lighting - which does not just enable functionality, but also mood, aesthetics and flow - is misunderstood, or plain badly done. With so many options available, it's also all too easy to make mistakes; and with new technologies such as LEDs lasting a long time, these mistakes can be expensive.

Offering practical insight and visual inspiration on successful lighting solutions and schemes, this is the most accessible lighting design guide, offering a toolbox of techniques to apply in practice. Written by one of the UK's leading lighting designers on both commercial and residential projects, it features a variety of real-world projects - large and small, old and new, interior and exterior, UK and global.

Sally Storey, Design Director of Lighting Design International and John Cullen Lighting, is one of the UK's leading lighting experts. Her extensive knowledge and experience has led to her travelling all over the world designing lighting schemes for both brands and individuals. She is the author of many well-received and successful books on lighting - Lighting: Recipes and ideas; Lighting by Design; and Perfect Lighting.
Product Details ISBN: 9781859469057
ISBN-10: 1859469051
Publisher: Riba Publishing
Publication Date: November 1st, 2021
Pages: 224
Language: English