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Person-centred Active Support Training Pack: A self-study resource to enable participation, independence and choice for adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities Cover Image
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The principles of active support are based on a sound evidence base from behaviour and learning theory and are explored in Person-centred Active Support Training Pack (2nd Edition). And as such are what we know works best for everyone who needs support to be independent, exercise choice and control and be a contributing part of their local community.

This new training resource reflects the changes in the social care and learning disability context in the UK as well as in many other countries, and the valuable experience the authors have gained from 13 years of using the resources for training in many different settings.

Although initially developed for use with people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities, Active Support has much wider application and over the past 5 years the authors have additionally worked with those supporting children and young people (including in schools), children and adults across the autism spectrum, mental health needs, and physical and sensory impairments. The newly filmed video pieces and case examples that underpin the new resource demonstrate these wider applications.

This resource is designed for those who wish to lead face-to-face group-based training, which is still the recommended option for delivering training in person-centred active support to support teams.
The resource includes:

PowerPoint presentations for the training
Suggestions for how to deliver the training, including exercises and activities
Additional videos and photos which can be used to tailor the presentation to different audiences
A summary learner’s workbook with key points from each element of the training and space to complete the exercises during the sessions
Please note, when you purchase this training pack you will receive a free copy of the accompanying Self-study Guide which forms the script for the training.

About the Author

Bev Murphy is the Head of Practice at United Response, a national charity providing a range of services for people with learning disabilities and mental health needs. She has a keen interest in the development of person centred approaches, practice leadership, and positive behaviour support, with a particular focus on the implementation and evaluation of person centred active support in a variety of settings. Julie Beadle-Brown is professor in Intellectual and Developmental Disability at the Tizard Centre, University of Kent and in Disability Studies at La Trobe University in Melbourne. Her teaching, research and consultancy focuses on promoting better quality of life for people with learning disabilities and autism through high quality, community based services at both national and international levels. In particular, she has researched, published and consulted on deinstitutionalisation and community living and on person centred approaches such as active support and what is needed in terms of workforce development and leadership to ensure better quality of life outcomes for people with disabilities. Jill Bradshaw trained as a speech and language therapist. She worked in a community team supporting adults with intellectual disabilities and challenging behaviour in London, before joining the Tizard Centre in 1995. She was appointed as a honorary lecturer in 2003 but returned as a sessional teacher in 2010, after a career break. She now convenes the Undergraduate Autism Studies Programme and teaches on the Postgraduate Programmes in Intellectual Disabilities.
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ISBN: 9781911028710
ISBN-10: 1911028715
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd
Publication Date: November 1st, 2017
Pages: 110
Language: English