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Keto Diet: This Book Includes: Keto Diet Plan + Keto Reset Diet - Keto Diet Made Easy Complete guide for Beginners. Ketogenic Die Cover Image
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Discover the Best Diet EVER

This set includes the two most powerful collection of books that will help you to boost your life:

  1. Keto Diet Plan
  2. Keto Reset Diet

Do you, like many other people, hope to gain weight?

Or, perhaps you are underweight and need to gain weight. Are you worried about your future and the possibility of developing high cholesterol, diabetes, Alzheimer's, or even cancer?

Do you want to live your best life and enjoy a vibrant lifestyle that promotes your goals?

If you're looking for a detailed introduction to the Keto diet, this is the book for you

Then the ketogenic diet may be for you.

This scientifically-backed diet has been around for a century and for a good reason.

In The Keto Reset Diet, you will gain all the information you need on the science and history behind the diet, the macro ratio and micronutrients, how to transition onto the keto diet within a month slowly, the best keto foods to enjoy to promote health, and more.

It's understandable to be nervous about starting a new diet, especially when there are so many crashes and fad diets out there that only cause harm.

These diets claim to induce weight loss, but instead, they cause long-term weight gain, frustration, fatigue, and more.

But, the ketogenic diet is not like those others.

The ketogenic diet is more of a lifestyle. Unlike fad diets, it is not one that you go on for a few weeks before quitting. Keto is maintainable and healthy. Not only that, but doctors do not only promote the keto diet. Many doctors and researchers created it to treat and manage diseases.

You can gain the weight loss and health you dream of without the frustration.

In The Keto Rest Diet, you will find everything you need to make these dreams a reality. You will receive the tools you need to attain success. There is no reason to allow fad diets or fears to hold you back any longer. Take a step forward to better health and a better life.

In This Book You Will Find:

  • A four-week transitional schedule to help you slowly adjust to the ketogenic diet.
  • The science-backed proof behind the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet.
  • A list of the best foods to enjoy on the ketogenic diet, including avocados, grass-fed butter, nuts, olives, chia seeds, and more.
  • Tips on which supplements may help you on your journey and the science behind how they help.
  • A selection of fifteen recipes that will tempt your taste buds, including Bacon Cauliflower Gratin, Cheeseburger Pie, Egg-Stuffed Roasted Avocados, and Peanut Butter Fudge Fat Bombs.
  • An explanation of the macro ratio and how to find your ratio.
  • The importance of remembering your micronutrients.
  • A guide to finding the right workout while on Keto.
  • More than 20 health benefits
  • 21-day meal plan with recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to motivate you to cook Keto-friendly meals
  • Foods you should avoid while undergoing Keto include sugar-free candy, whole grains, high sugar fruits, and root vegetables high in starch.
  • What supplements you might need to take when going on Keto in case your electrolytes aren't balanced.
  • How it reduces anxiety, depression, and the risk of Type 2 diabetes and lowers your blood sugar
  • And more...

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ISBN: 9781913978938
ISBN-10: 1913978931
Publisher: Yuri Tufano
Publication Date: November 6th, 2020
Pages: 386
Language: English