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Ayaan and the Camel By Lorna Davies, Jac McGill, Yvonne Bell (Illustrator) Cover Image

Ayaan and the Camel (Paperback)


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Ayaan and the Camel was written to coach children who do not believe in themselves to learn how to re-write their hold-me-back beliefs so that nothing stands in their way. Our core beliefs can be formed as early as age 7 and are stored at an unconscious level, directing our behaviour for ever more. When a child is coached to understand beliefs and is allowed to examine the truth of them, they can quite easily re-write their hold-me-back beliefs so that they are then free to get on with their Big dreams.
Consider this story if you have noticed your child does not believe in their own abilities and they can't hear praise from others. You may also have noticed a lack of confidence in your own abilities and are quickly deciding some things are just not for you (could be subjects, sports, friendships).
When a child has low self-belief, they could be self-sabotaging so that they fail before they even try or say things like, "I would like to go, but..." "I am not musical/sporty/clever/arty enough.

Wise for My Size, Ayaan and the Camel, is part of a wider coaching programme for parents and children. It is a powerful, empowering programme that teaches children essential life skills through activities, games, and stories. The Wise for My Size programme helps young people to develop soaring self-esteem, and strong self-confidence, achieve their goals, manage mistakes, handle stress and anxiety, build resilience , and deal with peer pressure.  Ayaan and the Camel has been written to coach children who have limiting beliefs and learn how to re-write their belief system so that nothing holds them back.
Lorna and Jac are twin sisters who have between them over 40 years' experience working with children and their families. They share a passion for supporting all children to reach their fullest potential by harnessing their unique and special gifts. They have combined their knowledge, skills, and expertise to create this special library of mindset books for parents to share with their children so all children will be Wise for my Size.
Product Details ISBN: 9781916208933
ISBN-10: 1916208932
Publisher: Pursuit of Wisdom Coaching
Publication Date: May 26th, 2020
Pages: 28
Language: English