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Ditch The People Pleaser: A Radical Guide to Not Being Nice Cover Image


We are living in a culture still defined by unrealistic gender stereotypes and expectations. Despite much progress being made, women are still not, on the whole, treated as equals to men. Gender pay gaps, invisible labour, and outdated attitudes towards women (especially around sex and relationships) mean that many of us grow into adulthood shackled to our need to be nice, liked, and to please, at the detriment of our happiness and wellbeing.

In Ditch the People Pleaser, you are going to explore four of the areas where you may find yourself people pleasing: life, relationships (including love and sex), work, and business and leadership.

This book will help you to:

1) Undo the effects of people pleasing in your life so you ARE free from expectations + boxes.

2) Release the need to please so you are able to achieve deep connection, a sense of purpose + guidance from your inner knowing.

3) Break the cycle for your personal + spiritual growth AND for the young people in your life. You will be able to model and pass on a healthier way of being for the next generation.

4) Use techniques and practices that will transform the way you feel about being nice and acceptable.

5) Strengthen your relationship to yourself and the people in your life, expand into your work and contribute to compassionate change.

Not only will you discover what the antidote is to people pleasing you will be supported with practical techniques and supportive resources to ditch the need to please right away.


Section 1: People Pleasing ... In Life

Chapter 1: Craving Approval

Chapter 2: Raising People Pleasers

Chapter 3: People Pleasing at Home

Chapter 4: InnerFEARfreaks

Section 2: People Pleasing ... in Relationships

Chapter 5: Family

Chapter 6: Father Relationship

Chapter 7: Parenting

Chapter 8: Friendships

Chapter 9: Intimate Relationships

Chapter 10: Love, Sex and Sexuality

Chapter 11: Women Misogynists

Section 3: People Pleasing ... In Work

Chapter 12: The Post-Metoo Workplace

Section 4: People pleasing in Business, Leadership and Your Purpose

Chapter 13: The Five Superpowers

Section 5: The 7-Step Exploration Step

Product Details
ISBN: 9781916250499
ISBN-10: 1916250491
Publisher: Kara Grant
Publication Date: August 17th, 2020
Pages: 182
Language: English