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This book gives practical safety tips to children ages Pre-K through grade school. If you want to talk to your child about safety, this book is the perfect tool for prompting an easy, ongoing conversation about how to safely move through childhood and adolescence. It includes tips for your child on what to do if lost, and who to talk to in this situation. The book offers easy to understand, and easy to remember tricks for staying safe, like ways to use a family code word, when and how to call 9-1-1 from a locked Smartphone, internet safety, the differences between good touches and bad touches, and more. This book discusses why an adult who acts nice may not be good, examples of ways some adults try to trick children into going with them, and what to do if someone ever tries to take you. The book is interactive, and prompts engagement from children. It teaches them to trust their instincts (like screaming and fighting if they are grabbed by a stranger in a crowd, which can appear simply as a kid throwing a tantrum) but guides those instincts (like teaching them to yell the words "you're not my mother/father " to alert others that something is wrong.) 21st century children need 21st century advice on safety. Read and talk about safety with your child early and often. This book can be a springboard to discuss safety issues with your child in a practical, simple way.
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ISBN: 9781948659000
ISBN-10: 194865900X
Publisher: Dearstynebooks
Publication Date: May 20th, 2018
Pages: 32
Language: English