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Quizzes for Couples: Fun Questions to Complete Together, Connect, and Strengthen Your Relationship

Quizzes for Couples is the perfect quiz book for couples to complete together. With this quiz book, you'll be able to:

1. Discover how well you truly know your partner, while having fun conversations about your relationship; an entertaining activity for couples to do together.

2. Learn new things about each other.

3. Create new memories and rekindle old ones with your partner.

4. Spend quality time together, connect, and strengthen intimacy in your relationship.

5. Add some laughter into your relationship.

Also, you can use the insightful and engaging quizzes as conversation starters for your next date night, road trip, game night, weekend getaway, or vacation.

What's more, this quiz book for couples to fill out together includes:

-- Exciting rewards to try for your quiz results.

-- A relationship checkup section to identify things you can enhance in your relationship.

-- The quizzes are grouped into 12 sections so you can complete a section in one sitting, one each day. or one a week.

Lastly, Quizzes for Couples makes a great engagement, relationship anniversary, bridal shower, Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays, holidays, or wedding gift for your friends and family.


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Product Details
ISBN: 9781949781090
ISBN-10: 1949781097
Publisher: Our Peaceful Family
Publication Date: November 15th, 2019
Pages: 100
Language: English