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TSI Study Guide 2021-2022: TSI Assessment Test Prep and Practice Questions for Texas Success Initiative Exam Cover Image
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Miller Test Prep's study guide for the TSI is the solution for students who want to maximize their score and minimize study time. Our study guides are carefully designed to provide only that clear and concise information you need. That's precisely why we put "Clear & Concise" on our cover. The standard for the study guide industry is to "throw in the kitchen sink" when it comes to making a book, meaning you are stuck with hundreds of pages of repetitive information, redundant and confusing examples, and more practice questions than any person could be expected to work through. This results in students feeling overwhelmed, leading to reduced self-confidence, which leads to lower scores Instead, Miller Test Prep has worked specifically with tutors. Why tutors you ask? Tutors specialize in helping students comprehend information that has already been presented by a teacher. That means they see time and again what students struggle with and what actually works to help them. They specialize in helping students who have previously failed, to succeed. We compiled their decades of experience helping students just like you into this study guide, so you pass the first time In this TSI guide book, we ensure you are thoroughly prepared for this critically important test:

  • Reading
  • Writing - Essay
  • Writing - Multiple Choice
  • Mathematics
  • Step-by-step examples for every concept tested
  • Practice test questions like the real exam
  • Detailed, thorough answer key explanations
  • 6 complete essay examples with scoring explanations

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ISBN: 9781950159550
ISBN-10: 1950159558
Publisher: Miller Test Prep
Publication Date: February 10th, 2021
Pages: 162
Language: English