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COVID Long-Hauler: My Life Since COVID By Salam Kabbani Cover Image

COVID Long-Hauler: My Life Since COVID (Paperback)


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Salam has done everything she can to not contract COVID-19 including getting vaccinated, socially distancing, and taking all possible precautions. When the delta variant spread, she ended up with a breakthrough infection that upended her life.

In this memoir, the author provides the reader with an honest and at times satirical take on what it's like to live with COVID and subsequently long-COVID. She talks about the tiny details that no one thinks of like what happens when you are quarantined and run out of underwear.

She also talks about becoming disabled and what it means to be vulnerable when your health status is unknown. If you have been impacted by the coronavirus, or are simply curious to learn more about those impacted by the virus including long-COVID, then look no further because this book is for you.

Product Details ISBN: 9781957242026
ISBN-10: 1957242027
Publisher: Global Bookshelves International, LLC
Publication Date: November 22nd, 2022
Pages: 152
Language: English