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How Leaders Create Chaos: And Why They Should By Samuel R. Chand Cover Image

How Leaders Create Chaos: And Why They Should (Paperback)


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When every innovation you make as a leader is followed by chaos, how can you get anything done? The answer isn't to prevent chaos-it is to conquer it In How Leaders Create Chaos, international leadership expert and consultant Sam Chand will empower you with the strategies you need to intentionally innovate, conquer chaos, and take your organization to the next level.Through this powerful leadership guide, you will be able to: -Better innovate and more accurately understand the effects your innovations will have within your organization-Gain a more thorough understanding of the nature of chaos and how it should be dealt with-Be empowered in your leadership capabilities and encouraged in your journeyChaos doesn't have to stop your organization from innovating, growing, and becoming better. It's your responsibility as a leader to understand chaos and learn how to help your organization navigate its ambiguous seas

Product Details ISBN: 9781959095354
ISBN-10: 1959095358
Publisher: Avail
Publication Date: December 27th, 2022
Pages: 182
Language: English