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The Hope Book: What if Hope Existed, Only I Could Not See It? Cover Image
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The Hope Book: What if Hope Existed, Only I Could Not See It?

The NonFiction Prose for NOW, by a cartoonist who forgot how to write and draw, and relearned from scratch, with what were, in fact, superhuman efforts in becoming more present, aware, alert, and real.

(What if it all mattered?)

What if it all meant something?

What if, deep down... beyond our devices and our digital connections, we all mattered to each other, and to ourselves?

On the edge of the precipice, the author made a prayer, and he hoped for hope, even though he could not observe or even feel its presence.

He wondered if it was there, at all, and so, he asked...

"What if hope existed, only I could not see it?"

And so, the author survived on a memory of the future that he wasn't sure was there, but went to great lengths to discover.

We're all connected.

Synchronicity is normal.

Perhaps we are all in a giant clock, after all, a giant mirror ball of sorts, mirroring each other's every thought and emotion, action and intention, in our own very hearts and minds, creating the world... together.


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ISBN: 9781990065071
ISBN-10: 1990065074
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Mirror Comics Studios
Publication Date: January 26th, 2021
Pages: 162
Language: English