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Castelmezzano, The Witch is Dead: An Italian Cozy Mystery By Adriana Licio Cover Image

Castelmezzano, The Witch is Dead: An Italian Cozy Mystery (Paperback)


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Some people dream of a gentle retirement enjoying crochet or cricket, but for two sexagenarians, a more cadaverous future awaits...

Newly retired teachers, Etta and Dora, take a walk along an old mule track connecting their mountain-top villages, each hoping to soothe the distress she feels at the paltry pension she will receive. Meeting at the fabled Witches' Cave, they put aside their woes - the naked body of Sibilla, Castelmezzano's beautiful witch, lies dead at the foot of the old oak tree. Did she plummet from the sky during a Sabbath flight as the superstitious locals are whispering? Or was the far more worldly evil of a human hand involved?

When suspicions fall on Cassandra, Sibilla's sister in the Art of Witchcraft, Dora and Etta fear the carabinieri have fallen prey to prejudice and local folklore. While Dora remains convinced of Cassandra's innocence, Etta's hunch takes her to a completely different conclusion, but could the truth really be so devious? And can she stop the killer before she becomes the next victim?


Fans of cosy mysteries won't want to miss this intriguing tale of deceit and betrayal, new from the author of the thrilling An Italian Village Mystery series.

Product Details ISBN: 9788832249149
ISBN-10: 8832249146
Publisher: Home Travellers Press
Publication Date: July 20th, 2020
Pages: 94
Language: English