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Human Evolution (Paperback)


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This book will tell you about the miraculous transformation of primates into modern humans, and how it took about 20 million years. Under what circumstances our ancestors almost went extinct. What became the main reasons for the awakening of consciousness and reaching the top of the food chain. And how we adapted and were able to win in this evolutionary race.

The first book in the "History of the Human Race" series was prompted by my kid's interest in this subject. He asked me so many questions but I didn't have reliable answers to them. Together we listened to scientists' and anthropologists' lectures, took notes, sorted out facts and fantasized about the Stone Age. So I came up with the idea to tell kids the theory of evolution in simple language and colorful illustrations, to explain complex processes, omitting dark and unnecessary phenomena.

Product Details ISBN: 9789659302901
ISBN-10: 9659302908
Publisher: Nikolay Bogdan
Publication Date: September 18th, 2022
Pages: 48
Language: English