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Rarest Pyrex Price Guide: A Guide To The Most Rare Vintage Pyrex By Barbarhi Dr Amber Cover Image

Rarest Pyrex Price Guide: A Guide To The Most Rare Vintage Pyrex (Paperback)


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Pyrex is a trusted brand name of ovenware that has been in business for over a century, started as a part of Corning Glass Works. Vintage pieces are still used in today's kitchens. The easiest way to identify whether your piece is antique or vintage is to examine it.

While everyone has their favorite Pyrex pattern, the rarer patterns are in higher demand for obvious reasons. Pyrex patterns are classified as Standard or Promotional. Standard patterns were manufactured for at least two years, while promo patterns were only featured on a limited number of pieces for a limited time. As you can imagine, promotional Pyrex patterns can be quite expensive. In fact, the Pyrex pattern that's the most in demand can go for upwards of $4,000 and is called Lucky in Love. If you ever find one of these pieces, you'll be lucky indeed.

This book helps you determine the price and classification and identification of the most rare vintage pyrex from the 1920s throught the 1970s with over 300 color photos illustrate the patterns that appear on a variety of beautiful shapes and in different colors.
Product Details ISBN: 9798359398367
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 21st, 2022
Pages: 130
Language: English