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2020 has been quite a rollercoaster.

Perhaps somewhere in this dumpster fire of a year - you had thought about quitting a smoking habit.

I'm ready to help you make this a reality - You CAN break the smoking habit. Are you ready to do so?

No hypnosis, no gimmicks - you'll be following a workbook for 60 days and logging each day's results.

Every person is unique and different - and so is each person's progress when working towards breaking a habit.

Being blunt - this isn't a magical, hocus pocus, no effort needed. You will need to be ready to give this a go. It may not be easy, it may have some rough moments but if there is a desire in you to stop smoking - I invite you to order this workbook and get the ball rolling.

Who am I? A long time ad agency owner who decided to pursue a life time dream of writing (more than marketing materials). I have researched cutting edge topics and ways to help people, especially during our down economy. I've published numerous books and continue daily researching ways to help people live a better life.

The only one in my family who hasn't smoked at some time in my life, I've watched smokers and studied their habits.

I found with family members, I could soon spot what triggered the need to smoke.

While continuing my education - NLP coach, Life Coach, Happiness Coach, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapist) and other certifications, the idea of being able to help others break the addiction of smoking has stayed with me and resulted in the development of this Quit Smoking Success Workbook now in 2020.

I hope it helps you as well and hope to see you healthy and smoke free at the end of 60 days.

To your success

The small details - Professionally printed and bound using premium paper. Using heavy duty card stock, we've created a soft matte cover that is durable and made for tumbling and daily use.

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ISBN: 9798551590156
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2020
Pages: 158
Language: English