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A Deliberate Bitch: A

A Deliberate Bitch: A "Beautiful Intelligent Talented Charming Honest" Woman (Paperback)


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A Deliberate Bitch won Best Movie Short Competition, April 2020. A succession of events lead Kelly Moore, a successful temperamental black woman to do the unthinkable. She has reached the pinnacle of her career when she was just promoted to "Project Manager". She rushes home to share her good fortune with Eric. That night, tempers flared, because she didn't fix dinner. The name calling became outrageous and hurtful. Though her actions were spontaneous, her actions were deadly. This is not a love story. It's a story about different phases of Love. Kelly was tested and responded to the pain. If you were in Kelly's place "What would you have done in the name of Love? How far would you go to preserve it? What would you do to defend yourself against it? Read the book. Take notes and compare.Introduction - Mania Love - The Unquiet MindThe novel, "A Deliberate Bitch" is not a love story. It's about the eight stages of love. It's a search for real love needed to satisfy Kelly Moore's emotional state of mind. The first stage is "Mania" or Obsessive Love. Mania love is a type of love that leads a partner into a type of madness and obsessiveness. It occurs when there is an imbalance between Eros and Ludus. To those who experience mania, love itself is a means of rescuing themselves, a reinforcement of their own value as the sufferer of poor self-esteem. This person wants to love and be loved to find a sense of self-value. Because of this, they can become possessive and jealous lovers, feeling as though they desperately "need" their partners. If the other partner fails to reciprocate with the same kind of mania love, many issues prevail. This is why mania can often lead to issues such as codependency. Our heroine, Kelly is A Deliberate BITCH because she is a "Beautiful Intelligent, Talented, Charming, and Honest" woman. Kelly has a real soi-disant personality. She is a confident self-styled woman that makes her unique in every way. Her one weakness is her insatiable need to only be loved by one person or any persons that she feels is worthy of her love in return. For her, that return comes with a price and it doesn't come easy. It must be earned.As our story progress you will find that the material nature of true love may be one of life's greatest mystery. Our hearts have very little to do with how we feel love. It is, however, the passion hub of the core of our feelings and what we blame when love goes awry.She has been looking for love all her life and in the end, love finds her. To Kelly, love rules all our manias like our sex drive, the thin line between love and hate and every poignant mood we feel from within our bodies.She is adamant about this because to Kelly love is not what you make it Love is real Love is her hero. Love is her villain. Love makes her horny. Love is elusive and hiding in plain sight. Love makes her feel destructive. Love is passionate. Love is her lie. Love is her truth. Love is Love is Love is Love is deaf, dumb, and l blind. Troubled by her inability to feel love, we'll find that hers is "An Unquiet Mind". An Unquiet MindLove Is Deaf - We Never Take TimeTo Listen When We IgnoreThe Guidance Of Others.Love Is Dumb - We Never ThinkBefore We Speak When WeReek Of Sarcasm.Love Is Blind - We Never See The ErrorOf Our Ways Especially We Revel InThe Mistakes Of Others.Love Be It Deaf, Dumb Or BlindIt's The Ills Of An UnquietMind.
Product Details ISBN: 9798643550624
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 5th, 2020
Pages: 158
Language: English