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When your child is diagnosed with Autism, the range of their symptoms are known as the Autism Spectrum.Where your child falls on this spectrum will influence how you approach discipline, therapy, and daily activities.Some children will only experience minor social difficulties while others may be severely disabled by their symptoms or their anxiety.Knowing where your child falls on this spectrum is the first step to helping your family and your child understand and cope with the disorder.Children can be diagnosed with Autism as young as two years of age.Doctors will notice cognitive delays and other peculiar social behaviors during routine checkups and may refer you to specialists for further testing.There is no shame in an autistic diagnosis, and the sooner the symptoms are uncovered the sooner you can start implementing routines and other therapeutic treatments that can reduce stress and anxiety for everyone in the family.The earlier children are diagnosed, the less likely they are to develop more debilitating symptoms.It is important to note that, as you start learning more about the disorder, you will need to pay close attention to your child's particular sensory experiences and social reactions.The Autism Spectrum explains the differences in these experiences based on your child's individual symptoms.
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