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When we last heard from Anthony Holden, he was having a difficult time with his dad's passing and was struggling to find himself. The reason for Anthony's dilemma was due to losing all of his possessions after the divorce of his parents. This made him feel quite confused and bitter, like an unwanted outcast, or a problem from the past that should just go away. The missing personal items made him wonder if his family thought he would not be returning from his incarceration. This confusion and unhappiness will, in turn, complicate fifteen year old Anthony's life in the coming years, and his future will be uncertain, if he does not find it in his heart to forgive himself for not being there to help his father in his time of need. Anthony can't help but think that if he didn't go to Hollywood and just went home like he told his mother, then things may have turned out differently. Only Anthony can make the determination on how his actions may have affected the outcome of his father's life. It is hard to say what happened the night his father fell in his bathroom and died. These questions and more Anthony must struggle to figure out and come to terms with if he is going to salvage his future. The following pages will explain the outcome of Anthony's dilemma and the choices he made, as well as the mistakes that plagued his young life. After his father's passing, he moved in with his mother and sisters. This arrangement worked out well, but Anthony knew he had to do more to straighten out his life. He wasn't too happy about sleeping on the couch, due to the fact he didn't have his own room or any possessions of his childhood of his own of any kind. While living with his family, he still harbored the fear he had of the old neighborhood bullies. The thoughts of abuse and torment from years passed still haunted him. In the coming years, he will have to make some life altering decisions, or wallow in self-pity to inevitable demise.Throughout Anthony's life he had often wondered why the things thathappened to him, did in fact happen, not that he felt immune to trouble, but why did there have to be so much of it? Sometimes, it seemed that whenever he met someone during his adolescent years, it did not take long for them to turn on him or walk away all together. For the life of our young Anthony, he could not figure out what was going on with himself. It is not that he was needy or clingy or anything of that nature, you can say he was the complete opposite. Anthony learned to live mostly by himself and being alone. He became self-reliant and resilient the older he became. The fact that he did not have many friends, for the most part can be attributed to the way he was treated as a kid. As the years passed, he assumed that the more time people spent with him the more disagreeable he became to them, hence turning on him or just walking away altogether. He thought, that as much as he has been hurt, throughout his young life this little paradox did not bother him in the least and therefore expected it. Side effects of being bullied, if you ask Anthony Holden, I'm quite sure, that he would tell you that yes there are long lasting effects, that you carry with you throughout your lifetime. Now, as we read through this book let it be noted that each individual that is Bullied will behave in a different way, it all depends on the person, Anthony dealt with it as best he could and paid a remarkably high price for his unwillingness to seek out help earlier than he did. Anthony's story is being told for a couple of reasons, One. He has been keeping it inside for the past forty four years. Two. Maybe, by him telling his story it will help young kids, and parents avoid the trauma that can occur if this issue is not addressed.
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ISBN: 9798687048859
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 17th, 2020
Pages: 402
Language: English