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I am a Superhero Expert: Growing up with my Autistic Brother By Josh Stehle Cover Image

I am a Superhero Expert: Growing up with my Autistic Brother (Hardcover)


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A moving story about how autism and a shared appreciation for superheroes brought two brothers together.

Author Josh Stehle learned everything he knows about superheroes from his older brother and best friend, Zach. From the worlds they live in, to the writers who created them, and studios who produced them--Zach is an expert in all things superhuman and heroic. He is also on the autistic spectrum.

Detailing the unique experience of growing up with an autistic brother, this emotional memoir provides a glimpse into the challenges people with autism often face and highlights the indescribable beauty it can bring to the world. Told through the eyes of bonded siblings communicating through pop culture, Josh and Zach's story offers a new perspective on how fictional tales about powerful heroes transcended the page and screen to teach two young men incredible lessons about love, family, and brotherhood.

Product Details ISBN: 9798823200264
Publisher: Accomplishing Innovation Press
Publication Date: December 1st, 2022
Pages: 124
Language: English