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Forever 13 (Paperback)


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Forever 13 is the true story of a married couple's ongoing journey of grief for their thirteen-year-old son as told through the eyes of the husband and father. Covering an eleven-year period of time from the moment of their son's death to the present, the author shares the emotional, physical, and social struggles they have encountered alongside their grief throughout the years since their son's passing. In sharing their grief, they reveal how it has affected them as individuals, as a couple, as parents, and the relationships with their family, friends, and with fellow grieving parents.

As the passing of their son forces them to come to terms with their new normal, their lives continue to move forward as does their grief journey. Through the years, they are confronted with many of life's struggles and challenges, many of which allow them to find eventual acceptance in living with the never-ending emotions for the son they will always grieve for. By relying on each other, their family, friends, and most importantly, on their faith, they find comfort and peace by leaning heavily on the Lord and trusting in the plans and purpose he has set for them.

Not lost on the author is the reality that many of the experiences shared in this story have also been experienced by other grieving parents. Though not intended to be a "How to get through grief story," if for no other reason, this story allows other grieving parents and those who love them to know that they are not alone.

Product Details ISBN: 9798888328088
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing
Publication Date: June 27th, 2023
Pages: 160
Language: English