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The Oak Tree Source: Becoming a Man of Strength, Substance and Spirituality By Britt L. Gusmus Cover Image

The Oak Tree Source: Becoming a Man of Strength, Substance and Spirituality (Paperback)


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The Oak Tree Source:

Men everywhere want more out of their life, to take the journey to find their masculine heart but they don't know how...they are settling for lives that are uninspired and lack substance (the essential stuff)

The OTS tells a story of redemption, building strength through trial and victory while giving practical advice as to how to create these.

Become a soul on fire that has the tools to inspire and connect as a source of strength and substance which builds your presence sturdy and dependable like an oak tree.

If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything.

In a world filled with pride, arrogance, and self-centeredness, author Britt Gusmus had many hard lessons to learn. Lessons that continue every day. When a mirror was placed in front of him that reflected love, purity, honesty, strength, and compassion, he had two choices:

1. He could turn and run.

2. He could walk toward that light every day, one step at a time.

He chose to walk toward the light. And he began by asking questions.

Had my upbringing led me astray?

What if I changed my movement patterns based on the essentials to survive?

What if my movement patterns were endless?

What if the source of my strength is rooted in eternal inspiration that satisfies my instincts and human desire?

The Oak Tree Source dares men to find and welcome the light ... a light that flows through the Source into their career and in relationships, flipping age old beliefs on the head. Too often, men define themselves by only what they do ... by what they've accomplished ... by the toys they own. Being a man takes work. With the Source as the guide, a generative force and faith emerges bringing purpose to life. Gusmus writes, "Being a man takes work." Yes it does.

When you swallow truth about yourself and let that truth bring about change and growth,

it makes you stronger-not weaker.

The Oak Tree Source was born out of a deep desire to share with the world a message that encompasses a purposeful role that is lacking in society for men today.

PHOTO Britt Gusmus is known to thousands as Coach Gus. From being a star quarterback and home run hitter, he shares his experience in the valleys and the mountain tops of his life. Today, he's focused on building a meaningful community for men to connect on deeper levels with their spirituality and purpose.

Product Details ISBN: 9798985748741
Publisher: Isacolt Publishing
Publication Date: April 6th, 2022
Pages: 268
Language: English