Book Clubs

Book clubs: Such comraderie, such depth of field, such good wine ...

We've got Book Clubs almost as old as the store (you know who you are)
and new ones pop up here and there. Some are strict and monthly, some
are quarterly, some are when the moms can squeeze it in. Currently, all
of the clubs meet in homes but if you're thinking about getting a few
friends together to discuss rad literature, feel free to meet at BTC.
(FYI: There's only one couch so first-come, first-served.)

Registered clubs receive the following:
- Overnight book sign-outs (up to 5) to take to meetings for consideration as next title
- 15% off the selected title
- An email from us when your books are in
- An invite to the First Annual Book Clubs Mixer

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Selections Past & Present

BTC's Non-Fiction Book Club