12/05/2018: Noel Night

December 7, 2011, marked the 25th anniversary of Noel Night, Telluride's wondrous and exhausting day of discounted local shopping before the holidays. It's elbow-deep bargain hunting. It's the Telluride Chorale Society breaking into carols in the middle of a shop flashmob style. It's mingling, and it's sparkly. Town is decked out by locals and merchants like an L.E.D. explosion. Santa rides the fire truck and then visits banks and shops. And you never know how you'll garner your discount; at BTC you pull a bead out of a stocking and get 15% - 50% off, depending on its color. At other stores it requires throwing darts at marked balloons or doing pullups. Fun stuff. Noel Night is always on the first Wednesday of December. Traditionally, BTC hosts Noel Night at Noon with an author onhand to inscribe holiday gifts. And it's a great time to grab a stack of calendars that celebrate Telluride through photography and painting. See you on December 2, 2015!