What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (Signed Copy)

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (Signed Copy)

Book Description: 

Accounts of danger and adventure - from the summit of Mt. Everest to kite-skiing across Antarctica.  

A fatal helicopter crash – Summiting Mt Everest – Kiteskiing across Antarctica – swept by an avalanche into a deep crevasse – Trapped and starving in a Papuan mine – A broken mast in the Southern Ocean. This list of near death experiences is longer than he’d expected . . .

Mark Sedon has experienced more highs, thrills, dangers and accidents than most of us. The dangers have been life-threatening, the rewards often sublime and lifechanging.

This book is both an absorbing read and a challenge: to every one of us to live life to the full and take risks within reason. Although we don’t have to ski off the top of a mountain like Mark Sedon.

Geoff Walker (editor).

It’s amazing how fast life can change. From enjoying the time of your life, to almost losing it. A split second, a small mistake, a shift in events can kill you, cause an injury; or you might just sneak through, unknowingly escaping catastrophe by the smallest of margins . . .

I’ve had a number of such events (well, the ones that I’ve known about), such as breaking my back when I was buried in an avalanche, watching helplessly high up on an erupting volcano, almost dying in a catastrophic helicopter crash, a severe brain haemorrhage, dropping a burning sack of explosives onto a helicopter skid, a 10m fall into a crevasse, starving for five days in a shipping container in remote Papua, and a yacht fire and broken mast in the Southern Ocean.

I’ve seen accidents happen to others — a Sherpa high in the Himalayas whom I saved as he was about to fall out of his harness, a friend being swept away by an avalanche, and a 200kg pulk (sled) dragging a mate backwards into a crevasse . . .

I’ve written this book to share some of the unbelievable survival stories that I’ve been involved in. 

I have a saying: ‘I am very afraid of dying, but I am even more afraid of not living.’

I’ve divided this book into two parts. The first part covers some of my varied outdoor adventures in different places around the world. The second part, which I’ve called ‘Escaping Catastrophe’, describes a series of events in which spectacular things really did happen and my life was often seriously in danger.

What could possibly go wrong? Well, sometimes it does!